Commercial Exhibition Tent Best Marquee

  The Shelter- tent is the best all-purpose event tent for all kinds of marketing events. The dynamic design makes the stunning outlook present in front of people. The high strength structure makes the tent with long life span, even stand up in the strong wind or rainstorm. It meets your requirements of the commercial […]

Cheap Event Canopy Marquee Quit Tent for Sale

  Aluminum frame and strong steel stakes support the tent make sure the tent is firm . Plus, the ridge height is high enough to keep inside the tent circulating for fresh air. Besides, the tarpaulin sidewalls are capable to block 90% UV ray and to waterproof and fireproof. Structure in light weight is good […]

Commercial Used 20 x 30 Event Marquee Sales

  Once consider to buy a tent, size and quality may be the first priority., Shelter- tent can meet all you need. The commercial 20 x 30 tent is a large tent for big events, whatever large or small, we can provide for you because our tent is modular tent that can be grouped together. […]

Best Large Transparent Wall Wedding Tent

It is possible to find a high- quality, user- friendly and great- looking tent. Shelter- tent is perfect for weddings or events. We wanted a firm and beautiful looking tent which made of sturdy aluminum structure and transparent PVC wall to clearly see the outer scenery.  No heavy equipment is required when build the tent. […]

Custom Event Tent Sales for Wedding

  The custom event tent for sale in Shelter- tent is a best tent. Our tent strict according to ISO international quality management system which sidewalls adopted flame retardant PVC synthetic fiber cloth with waterproof, fireproof capability and UV protection and the aluminum structure make sure the tent is safe and firm. Besides, the tent […]